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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Have you missed me!?!?!?! The new blog isn't quite ready yet and it's been months! I wanted to post a few mini blogs before the new blog is in full swing just to let you know that I am still alive, I haven’t turned into a hermit or disappeared off the face of the earth! Life has been CRAZY busy the last few months! The hubs and I bought our first house (a bit of a diy) and after much hard work, many late nights and many, many trips to Austin and Dallas it is finished enough to live in! We finally moved in and even though we are surrounded by boxes we are finally here! I am also still in the process of the biz transformation! The new look and blog are SOOO close! The website has some fun updates and any returning clients will get a chance to use the cool new client viewing portion of the website! I love taking on a million things at once and I definitely have done it! I can't wait for all the changes that are coming!

Here is the first little peak at what you have been missing! My desktop is so full of "waiting to be blogged folders" that I had to post a few! I have been just as busy editing the last few months as I have with the new crib! I'm holding out all the most recent weddings for the official blog launch but here is a little something for now!

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bri said...

Girl I am so excited! I can hardly wait! :). Great pictures, um, AS ALWAYS!

YOU are such an AMAZING artist, photographer, woman of God... you are an all out inspiration! Love your style and am so excited to follow along on this new chapter of life for you! Can't wait to see pics of the new crib. I was almost half expecting another ... ahem ... NEW ANNOUNCEMENT, speaking of cribs! LOL. love you girl!